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We support yogis, yoga teachers and holistic practitioners by providing them with full seamless pieces of music that support the practice, with the required tempo, feel and frequencies using the power of sound therapy.

The music on this website cannot be found on Spotify or YouTube etc.

It is unique, thoughtful and therapeutic!

" It´s like a massage for my brain! "

 Moon Meditation Track- A. (Austria) Yoga Nidra Teacher

" Not only did he execute and deliver exactly what I wanted but he also just blew me away with his creativity. "

Custom Track - T. (Scotland) Yoga Teacher/Fitness Trainer

" The track writes yoga classes itself! "

Yoga Flow Soundtrack -  P. (England) Yoga Teacher

" Imagine a DJ playing conscious music just for your class! - Flowing and growing with the yogis " 

- G. (England) Musician


Do you waste time

trying to find certain playlists that match your holistic practice?

Not Anymore!

Do these playlists interrupt your practice by changing song, tempo, have distracting lyrics or just sound too generic?



Check out the archive! 

Ever wondered if the music you play makes your clients

want to come back, stay longer or even return to you? - Our soundtracks can help you!

We offer unique royalty-free holistic soundtracks, which all have the potential to promote healing within.

I record my own field recordings of nature and the elements!..

Anytime I hear a relaxing soundscape around me, whether its birds or a waterfall..

 I set up my equipment and record then put this into my tracks as an added layer

Get your own custom music created! Infused with your intentions and in any style or length desired! - Made to fit.


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