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Customised Music

There are many different directions that your custom-made music can go in!

The price will range according to the complexity and length of the track required.

A minimalistic handpan soundtrack for example would cost less than

a full soundscape with many layers and possible tempo changes

with multiple instruments.

I have a wide variety of instruments that I can play and use, for example:

  • Sound Healing Instruments  -  Various Crystal Bowls & Chimes

  • Drums and percussion  -  Handpans, Shamanic, African & Modern

  • Stringed Instruments  -  Ukulele, Guitar & Bass

  • Wind Instruments  -  Harmonicas, Didgeridoo, Flute & Melodica

  • Synthesizers  - Bass synth & A Midi keyboard with a wide variety of sounds

  • Vocals  -  My lungs, throat, mouth and diaphragm


So please get in touch - I am friendly and looking forward to your call, message or email!..

Customer Reviews & Samples

Customised Power Animal Ritual Soundtrack:

Screenshot (5).png
Animal Ritual SampleSeed Of Soundscape
00:00 / 02:00
Screenshot (4).png

...Or if you know what you would like,

fill out this form to request a price quote or a shout back from me:

Thanks for submitting!

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