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Gary Evans


Gary Evans (Founder)

Hey there!..I'm Gary, the founder of 'Seed Of Soundscape', the main reason I created this company is because when I went to various different yoga, Qi-gong and breathwork classes, and I found that the music either distracted me from the class or even made me lose my balance. On top of that, I also felt that the frequencies and lyrics that the songs contained didn´t resonate with me.


I feel that it is my calling to combine my passion for music with the mindfulness of yoga and meditation to create soundtracks that seamlessly go with the yogi throughout the class whilst supporting them with the necessary frequencies that have a therapeutic value to relax and go even deeper into their practice.

Throughout my years on this planet so far I have come to realize the amount of impact that music has on not only peoples emotions and feelings but also their attitude and state of mind. Now that I have gained more experience and knowledge as to the reasons why, I feel it is time for me to share it with you.

Apart from the vast range of instruments, recording equipment and software that I have been blessed to acquire over the last 2 decades, my skills and experience is as follows;


  • Dedicated musician for over 20 years (rhythmic, melodic, strings, wind and voice)

  • 10 years experience in music production (recorded 4 albums/2 co-produced)

  • Practicing yoga and meditation for over 4 years

  • Diploma in Sound Therapy

  • World Traveller, experiencing various amazing cultures and music for over15 years

So with all of that in mind I would like us to connect our forces. Let´s bring together my musical knowledge and sound skills, with your understanding of how the body and soul align to create a unique mind and body experience for yourself and your clients.

   I look forward to creating a soundscape for you that will soothe and inspire!


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