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Best enjoyed with headphones!

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Water Meditation
Asian Water Garden
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Water Meditation (Elemental Series)


30 - minute soundscape that can entrain your brain to flow with the natural sound of water

This meditation soundscape will take you on a journey from raindrops to ocean, flowing from a stream to a waterfall, creating a river towards the sea. All of the meditation soundscapes in the elemental series contain a theta binaural frequency to help promote a meditative state of mind.  

Meditation music binaural
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Mindful Meditation


5 - minute meditation track download, you may get this track FREE when you subscribe to the Seed Of Soundscape newsletter

This meditation track is produced with a tempo that matches the optimal resting heart rate of 60 beats per minute and it contains frequencies that are ideal for igniting intuition and returning to spiritual order.

Mindful Med
Moon meditation music
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Moon Ceremony Meditation


6 - minute soundscape that will wash out the old and invite the new!

This meditaion soundscape is ideal for any full moon ceremony or easily integrated into any yoga class. This track has theraputic sound elements created by specific notes and frequencies to free yourself from any blockages that may have developed throughout the past few weeks.

Moon Ceremony
Soundhealing 432 hz music
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Sea Of Soundhealing


A 10 minute therapeutic soundscape to suit a stand-alone meditation, end shavasana or even to be looped by request for any massage/wellness area

This soundscape will take you on a journey by the shore, containing elements that will relax and inspire you. Ideal for morning sessions to start your day in the right way.

It contains a binaural bassline, handpan melodies, singing bowls and chimes.

Sea of Soundhealing
Chakra balancing
Chakra balance music
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Chakra Balancing Music


20 - minute Chakra meditation track which could be used at the beginning or end of any yoga class

This soundscape is ideal for a Chakra balancing meditation or as a stand-alone element in a Chakra balancing yoga class. Every one of the main 7 Chakras will be activated by the corresponding frequencies, elements and instruments required. Each chakra is also infused with the matching seed-mantra.

All music produced is tuned to 432Hz

Seed Of Life
Seed Of Life
Seed Of Life
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