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Science of sound

Science Of Sound


Frequencies and vibrations are what this life (and music) is all about, made from and exists of! We should take care of which vibrations enter our body and which frequencies go into our minds. They have played a large role in healing practices, relaxation and mindfulness for centuries, from ancient Greeks and Aborigines to Native American medicine men and throughout yogic traditions.


Everything that exists in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realm has a foundation of vibration. Knowing this, practitioners and researchers have shown that the right use of sound/frequency in the correct combination can not only change how we feel but is also proven to treat many mental as well as some physical issues.


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Why 432 Hz Music?

The main reason that I have chosen to tune all of the soundscapes to 432 Hertz instead of the standard tuning of A at 440 Hertz,

is because I have done so much research and tests

on my own ears (and body) that I believe it does have a more

relaxing and natural overall feel to it.

Not only that but it is said to be mathematically consistent with the sacred geometry of the universe. Which when you look at the fact that 432Hz tuning creates a system where the C note

always lands on a whole number

(instead of awkward decimals like 440Hz does)

AND the resonance of the overtones that it produces reach exactly 8Hz (Schumann Resonance) it seems like a fair reason to let the vibration do the talking.

On top of that Wolfgang Mozart and Guiseppe Verdi used to tune to 432Hz before the norm was set to 440Hz. (This is why I beleive a lot of people say that classical music has a calming effect on them - even when it cruscendos dramatically).


Medical study on the effect of 432Hz tuned music:

My go-to knowledgable scientists are:   Dr. Joe Dispenza

Bruce H. Lipton

My go-to knowledgable musicians are:  Trevor Hall

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