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Yoga Soundtracks

Best enjoyed with headphones!

vinyasa yoga music
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Yoga Flow Soundtrack

1 Hour 30 minute track which is ideal for any Vinyasa style/yoga flow session or class



A full one and a half hour soundtrack inspired by and created for an active vinyasa class producing the necessary energy required to give the class strength and power.

This soundscape progresses over an hour and a half, from a soft warm-up then slowly increasing in both tempo and complexity to energize throughout the yoga class, then gradually regressing to prepare for a soundhealing shavasana at the end.

Yoga Flow
Soothin Yin
Yin Yoga music
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Soothin Yin Soundtrack

1 Hour 15 minute Soundtrack which is ideal for any Yin style/Yoga Nidra, Qigong etc. session or class



This full soundscape is about pure relaxation, once you and your group have synced your breath with the warming string quartet and soft waves in the background of this soothing soundtrack then you will find yourselves lost in the angelic frequencies that surround you from then on. The infusion of the "miracle note" Solfeggio frequency of 528Hz and containing a subtle binaural beat bansuri bassline in the background can help to create self-love and reduce stress. It is ideal for any Yin style yoga, yoga Nidra, Qigong, massage, meditation and reflexology session or even just to soothe and help you sleep!

Grounding yoga
Hatha yoga music
00:00 / 01:30

Grounding Yoga Soundtrack

1 Hour Soundtrack which is ideal for any Hatha or Yin style/yoga session or class



Our complete one hour soundscape will accompany and ground you within. It is a complete and heart-opening composition.

It starts softly with tones to create a warm feeling whilst slowly moving onto an almost tribal backing beat with soothing handpan, then strengthening into a full soundscape to ground the yogi with deep frequencies until the end shavasana that supports the return journey back to awareness.

Handpan Harmony
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Handpan Harmony

22 Minute Soundtrack which is ideal for any meditation session, massage or yoga class



This 22 minute track starts with simple live handpan patterns then goes into smooth melodies with a subtle supporting background soundscape, then the gounding bass rythym from the handpan to finish. Heart opening and perfect for meditation, yoga or massage. Remember any track can be lengthened or altered to your liking, just ask!.

All music produced is tuned to 432Hz

Seed Of Life
Seed Of Life
Seed Of Life
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